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Our Vision

The Tryout/Evaluation process can be the most difficult and stress filled time of year for athletes, coaches and parents.

  • Coaches work hard to ensure that the teams they select are fair, balanced and competitive.
  • Athletes strive to put their best foot forward during evaluations/tryouts by displaying their athletic ability and maximum effort.
  • And parents? Well... they play a crucial role in supporting their young athletes.

Above all, everyone wants the same result which is the opportunity for proper placement of players on the appropriate teams. The Simply Evaluate app was created to assist your Organization in achieving this goal.

Our Commitment

Simply Evaluate is dedicated to offering your Organization an objective, accurate, and evidence based tool for evaluating your Athletes. We are committed to the goal of undertaking athletic evaluations that are focused, transparent and accountable for all participants. This will lead to the proper ranking of Athletes and the affirmation of placement in the Team selection process.

What is Simply Evaluate?

  • Simply Evaluate is a multi-dimensional Athlete Evaluation / Grading system.
  • It is a web based app and offers desktop and Tablet accessibility.
  • Designed specifically for any Team sport.
  • The app assists your Coaches in the rating and ranking of your Athletes.
  • It organizes and tabulates your Athletes' Evaluation scores using a reliable and valid format.
  • The carefully crafted Reporting Tool presents the data in an understandable and informative format.
  • Simply Evaluate brings an objective, thorough, and evidence based approach to the Team selection process.

Who Benefits From Using SimplyEvaluate?


  • Provides evidence based decision making.
  • Weighted evaluations reduce personal bias.
  • Highlights desired skills, traits, and temperament.
  • Affirms an athlete's placement.
  • Provides evidence for objective feedback to parents and sponsors.
  • Data can be plotted over extended time to provide visual progress information.


  • Grading criterion is consistent and standardized.
  • Reduces the guesswork when grading athletes.
  • Scoring is reliable and valid.
  • Objective athletic scores.


  • Know what criterion evaluators are grading on.
  • See how they scored against each criterion.
  • Calms their concerns about evaluation objectivity.
  • Provides objective feedback on performance (strengths, weaknesses, temperament, traits).
  • Allows for direct ranking and comparason to divisional / cohort aggregate averages.


  • Makes evaluators accountable.
  • Assists in the proper ranking of athletes.
  • Makes the evaluation process fair, transparent and objective.
  • Provides every athlete the opportunity to succeed.
  • Identify where athletic development requires improvement.

Information is Secure

Your Question: If I give you my personal details, what is your Privacy Policy?


Simply Evaluate promises to respect your privacy!

  • There are no advertisers, corporate sponsors, or athletic equipment companies paying for this service.
  • No data lists are being mined to be sold, traded, or given away.
  • We will never share your data with anyone who might send you unsolicited ‘junk’ email.


Simply Evaluate is committed to protecting your privacy. We promise to keep all the information that you share with us confidential. We only collect personal information from customers in order to process billing, fulfil orders, and provide you access to the Simply Evaluate app. We have even limited the information that is collected to complete a Player Evaluation. Only Surname and Given Name(s) are entered for each Athlete.


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