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  • Designed specifically for any Team sport.
  • Accessible for Coaches, Sporting Associations, and Schools.
  • Fully featured for use in tryouts, practices, and even games.
  • Offers dynamic weighting options which will provide more focus on specific athletic skills or abilities.
  • Provides carefully crafted reports which offer immediate and insightful Player rankings.
  • Made with tablet accessibility in mind.

Who Benefits From Using SimplyEvaluate?


  • Provides evidence based decision making.
  • Weighted evaluations reduce personal bias.
  • Highlights desired skills, traits, and temperament.
  • Affirms an athlete's placement.
  • Provides evidence for objective feedback to parents and sponsors.
  • Data can be plotted over extended time to provide visual progress information.
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  • Grading criterion is consistent and standardized.
  • Reduces the guesswork when grading athletes.
  • Scoring is reliable and valid.
  • Objective athletic scores.
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  • Know what criterion evaluators are grading on.
  • See how they scored against each criterion.
  • Calms their concerns about evaluation objectivity.
  • Provides objective feedback on performance (strengths, weaknesses, temperament, traits).
  • Allows for direct ranking and comparason to divisional / cohort aggregate averages.
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  • Makes evaluators accountable.
  • Assists in the proper ranking of athletes.
  • Makes the evaluation process fair, transparent and objective.
  • Provides every athlete the opportunity to succeed.
  • Identify where athletic development requires improvement.
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